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Appendix B Function Index

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Index Entry  Section

access-control: Managing Host Access
access-hosts: Managing Host Access
activate-screen-saver: Screen Saver
add-access-host: Managing Host Access
add-resource: Basic Resource Database Functions
add-to-save-set: Client Termination
alloc-color: Allocating Colors
alloc-color-cells: Allocating Colors
alloc-color-planes: Allocating Colors
allow-events: Releasing Queued Events
atom-name: Atoms (Atoms)

bell: Keyboard Control
bitmap-image: Image Functions

change-active-pointer-grab: Grabbing the Pointer
change-keyboard-control: Keyboard Control
change-keyboard-mapping: Keyboard Mapping
change-pointer-control: Pointer Control
change-property: Properties
char-ascent: Chracter Attributes
char-attributes: Chracter Attributes
char-descent: Chracter Attributes
char-left-bearing: Chracter Attributes
char-right-bearing: Chracter Attributes
char-width: Chracter Attributes
character->keysyms: Using Keycodes and Keysyms
character-in-map-p: Undocumented
circulate-window-down: Stacking Order
circulate-window-up: Stacking Order
clear-area: Area and Plane Operations
close-display: Closing the Display
close-down-mode: Client Termination
close-font: Opening Fonts
color-blue: Color Functions
color-green: Color Functions
color-p: Color Functions
color-red: Color Functions
color-rgb: Color Functions
colormap-display: Colormap Attributes
colormap-equal: Colormap Attributes
colormap-id: Colormap Attributes
colormap-p: Colormap Attributes
colormap-plist: Colormap Attributes
convert-selection: Selections
copy-area: Area and Plane Operations
copy-colormap-and-free: Creating Colormaps
copy-gcontext: Copying Graphics Contexts
copy-gcontext-components: Copying Graphics Contexts
copy-image: Image Functions
copy-plane: Area and Plane Operations
create-colormap: Creating Colormaps
create-cursor: Creating Cursors
create-gcontext: Creating Graphics Contexts
create-glyph-cursor: Creating Cursors
create-image: Image Functions
create-pixmap: Pixmaps
create-window: Creating Windows
cursor-display: Cursor Attributes
cursor-equal: Cursor Attributes
cursor-id: Cursor Attributes
cursor-p: Cursor Attributes
cursor-plist: Cursor Attributes

declare-event: Declaring Event Types
decode-core-error: Undocumented
default-error-handler: Undocumented
default-keysym-index: Undocumented
default-keysym-translate: Undocumented
define-condition: Introduction (Errors)
define-keysym: Undocumented
define-keysym-set: Undocumented
delete-property: Properties
delete-resource: Basic Resource Database Functions
destroy-subwindows: Destroying Windows
destroy-window: Destroying Windows
discard-current-event: Managing the Event Queue
discard-font-info: Opening Fonts
display-after-function: Managing the Output Buffer
display-authorization-data: Display Attributes
display-authorization-name: Display Attributes
display-bitmap-format: Display Attributes
display-byte-order: Display Attributes
display-display: Display Attributes
display-error-handler: Display Attributes
display-extended-max-request-length: BIG-REQUESTS - Big Requests Extension
display-finish-output: Managing the Output Buffer
display-force-output: Managing the Output Buffer
display-image-lsb-first-p: Display Attributes
display-invoke-after-function: Undocumented
display-keycode-range: Display Attributes
display-max-keycode: Display Attributes
display-max-request-length: Display Attributes
display-min-keycode: Display Attributes
display-motion-buffer-size: Display Attributes
display-nscreens: Display Attributes
display-p: Display Attributes
display-pixmap-formats: Display Attributes
display-plist: Display Attributes
display-protocol-major-version: Display Attributes
display-protocol-minor-version: Display Attributes
display-protocol-version: Display Attributes
display-release-number: Display Attributes
display-resource-id-base: Display Attributes
display-resource-id-mask: Display Attributes
display-roots: Display Attributes
display-vendor: Display Attributes
display-vendor-name: Display Attributes
display-xid: Display Attributes
dpms-capable: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-disable: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-enable: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-force-level: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-get-timeouts: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-get-version: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-info: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
dpms-set-timeouts: DPMS - The X11 Display Power Management Signaling Extension
draw-arc: Drawing Arcs
draw-arcs: Drawing Arcs
draw-glyph: Drawing Text
draw-glyphs: Drawing Text
draw-image-glyph: Drawing Text
draw-image-glyphs: Drawing Text
draw-line: Drawing Lines
draw-lines: Drawing Lines
draw-point: Drawing Points
draw-points: Drawing Points
draw-rectangle: Drawing Rectangles
draw-rectangles: Drawing Rectangles
draw-segments: Drawing Lines
drawable-border-width: Window Attributes
drawable-depth: Window Attributes
drawable-display: Drawables
drawable-equal: Drawables
drawable-height: Window Attributes
drawable-id: Drawables
drawable-p: Drawables
drawable-plist: Drawables
drawable-root: Window Hierarchy
drawable-width: Window Attributes
drawable-x: Window Attributes
drawable-y: Window Attributes

enable-big-requests: BIG-REQUESTS - Big Requests Extension
event-case: Processing Events
event-cond: Processing Events
event-handler: Undocumented
event-listen: Managing the Event Queue

find-atom: Atoms (Atoms)
font-all-chars-exist-p: Font Attributes
font-ascent: Font Attributes
font-default-char: Font Attributes
font-descent: Font Attributes
font-direction: Font Attributes
font-display: Font Attributes
font-equal: Font Attributes
font-id: Font Attributes
font-max-byte1: Font Attributes
font-max-byte2: Font Attributes
font-max-char: Font Attributes
font-min-byte1: Font Attributes
font-min-byte2: Font Attributes
font-min-char: Font Attributes
font-name: Font Attributes
font-p: Font Attributes
font-path: Listing Fonts
font-plist: Font Attributes
font-properties: Font Attributes
font-property: Font Attributes
force-gcontext-changes: Graphics Context Cache
free-colormap: Creating Colormaps
free-colors: Allocating Colors
free-cursor: Creating Cursors
free-gcontext: Destroying Graphics Contexts
free-pixmap: Pixmaps

gcontext-arc-mode: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-background: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-cache-p: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-cap-style: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-clip-mask: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-clip-x: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-clip-y: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-dash-offset: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-dashes: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-display: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-equal: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-exposures: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-fill-rule: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-fill-style: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-font: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-foreground: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-function: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-id: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-join-style: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-line-style: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-line-width: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-p: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-plane-mask: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-plist: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-stipple: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-subwindow-mode: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-tile: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-ts-x: Graphics Context Attributes
gcontext-ts-y: Graphics Context Attributes
get-external-event-code: Undocumented
get-image: Image Functions
get-property: Properties
get-raw-image: Direct Image Transfer
get-resource: Resource Access Functions
get-search-resource: Resource Access Functions
get-search-table: Resource Access Functions
get-standard-colormap: Undocumented
get-wm-class: Undocumented
global-pointer-position: Pointer Position
grab-button: Grabbing a Button
grab-key: Grabbing a Key
grab-keyboard: Grabbing the Keyboard
grab-pointer: Grabbing the Pointer
grab-server: Grabbing the Server

handler-function: Processing Events

icon-sizes: Undocumented
iconify-window: Undocumented
image-blue-mask: Basic Images
image-depth: Basic Images
image-green-mask: Basic Images
image-height: Basic Images
image-name: Basic Images
image-plist: Basic Images
image-red-mask: Basic Images
image-width: Basic Images
image-x-hot: Basic Images
image-xy-bitmap-list: XY-Format Images
image-y-hot: Basic Images
image-z-bits-per-pixel: Z-Format Images
image-z-pixarray: Z-Format Images
input-focus: Managing Input Focus
install-colormap: Installing Colormaps
installed-colormaps: Installing Colormaps
intern-atom: Atoms (Atoms)

keyboard-control: Keyboard Control
keyboard-mapping: Keyboard Mapping
keycode->keysym: Using Keycodes and Keysyms
keysym->character: Using Keycodes and Keysyms
keysym->keycodes: Undocumented
keysym-in-map-p: Undocumented
keysym-set: Undocumented
kill-client: Client Termination
kill-temporary-clients: Client Termination

list-extensions: Extensions (Extensions)
list-font-names: Listing Fonts
list-fonts: Listing Fonts
list-properties: Properties
lookup-color: Finding Colors

make-color: Color Functions
make-event-keys: Data Types
make-event-mask: Data Types
make-resource-database: Basic Resource Database Functions
make-state-keys: Data Types
make-state-mask: Data Types
map-resource: Basic Resource Database Functions
map-subwindows: Mapping Windows
map-window: Mapping Windows
mapping-notify: Undocumented
max-char-ascent: Font Attributes
max-char-attributes: Font Attributes
max-char-descent: Font Attributes
max-char-left-bearing: Font Attributes
max-char-right-bearing: Font Attributes
max-char-width: Font Attributes
merge-resources: Basic Resource Database Functions
min-char-ascent: Font Attributes
min-char-attributes: Font Attributes
min-char-descent: Font Attributes
min-char-left-bearing: Font Attributes
min-char-right-bearing: Font Attributes
min-char-width: Font Attributes
modifier-mapping: Keyboard Control
motion-events: Pointer Position

no-operation: Undocumented

open-default-display: Opening the Display
open-display: Opening the Display
open-font: Opening Fonts

parse-color: Undocumented
pixmap-display: Pixmaps
pixmap-equal: Pixmaps
pixmap-id: Pixmaps
pixmap-p: Pixmaps
pixmap-plist: Pixmaps
pointer-control: Pointer Control
pointer-mapping: Pointer Control
pointer-position: Pointer Position
process-event: Processing Events
put-image: Image Functions
put-raw-image: Direct Image Transfer

query-best-cursor: Cursor Functions
query-best-stipple: Graphics Context Attributes
query-best-tile: Graphics Context Attributes
query-colors: Finding Colors
query-extension: Extensions (Extensions)
query-keymap: Keyboard Control
query-pointer: Pointer Position
query-tree: Window Hierarchy
queue-event: Managing the Event Queue

read-bitmap-file: Image Files
read-resources: Resource Database Files
recolor-cursor: Cursor Functions
remove-access-host: Managing Host Access
remove-from-save-set: Client Termination
render-add-glyph: Glyphs and Glyphsets
render-add-glyph-from-picture: Glyphs and Glyphsets
render-composite-glyph: Using glyphs
render-create-anim-cursor: Using cursors
render-create-cursor: Using cursors
render-create-glyph-set: Glyphs and Glyphsets
render-create-picture: The picture object
render-free-glyph-set: Glyphs and Glyphsets
render-free-glyphs: Glyphs and Glyphsets
render-free-picture: The picture object
render-reference-glyph-set: Glyphs and Glyphsets
reparent-window: Window Hierarchy
reset-screen-saver: Screen Saver
resource-database-timestamp: Undocumented
resource-key: Undocumented
rgb-colormaps: Undocumented
root-resources: Undocumented
rotate-cut-buffers: Undocumented
rotate-properties: Properties

screen-backing-stores: Screen Attributes
screen-black-pixel: Screen Attributes
screen-default-colormap: Screen Attributes
screen-depths: Screen Attributes
screen-event-mask-at-open: Screen Attributes
screen-height: Screen Attributes
screen-height-in-millimeters: Screen Attributes
screen-max-installed-maps: Screen Attributes
screen-min-installed-maps: Screen Attributes
screen-p: Screen Attributes
screen-plist: Screen Attributes
screen-root: Screen Attributes
screen-root-depth: Screen Attributes
screen-root-visual: Screen Attributes
screen-save-unders-p: Screen Attributes
screen-saver: Screen Saver
screen-white-pixel: Screen Attributes
screen-width: Screen Attributes
screen-width-in-millimeters: Screen Attributes
selection-owner: Selections
send-event: Sending Events
set-access-control: Undocumented
set-close-down-mode: Undocumented
set-input-focus: Managing Input Focus
set-modifier-mapping: Keyboard Control
set-pointer-mapping: Undocumented
set-screen-saver: Screen Saver
set-selection-owner: Undocumented
set-standard-colormap: Undocumented
set-standard-properties: Undocumented
set-wm-class: Undocumented
set-wm-properties: Undocumented
set-wm-resources: Undocumented
setf: Window Attributes
setf: Window Attributes
setf: Window Attributes
setf: Window Attributes
store-color: Changing Colors
store-colors: Changing Colors

text-extents: Querying Text Size
text-width: Querying Text Size
transient-for: Undocumented
translate-coordinates: Window Hierarchy
translate-default: Undocumented
translate-function: Drawing Text

undefine-keysym: Undocumented
ungrab-button: Grabbing a Button
ungrab-key: Grabbing a Key
ungrab-keyboard: Grabbing the Keyboard
ungrab-pointer: Grabbing the Pointer
ungrab-server: Grabbing the Server
uninstall-colormap: Installing Colormaps
unmap-subwindows: Mapping Windows
unmap-window: Mapping Windows

visual-info-blue-mask: Undocumented
visual-info-green-mask: Undocumented
visual-info-red-mask: Undocumented

warp-pointer: Pointer Position
warp-pointer-if-inside: Pointer Position
warp-pointer-relative: Pointer Position
warp-pointer-relative-if-inside: Pointer Position
window-all-event-masks: Window Attributes
window-backing-pixel: Window Attributes
window-backing-planes: Window Attributes
window-backing-store: Window Attributes
window-bit-gravity: Window Attributes
window-class: Window Attributes
window-colormap: Window Attributes
window-colormap-installed-p: Window Attributes
window-cursor: Undocumented
window-display: Window Attributes
window-do-not-propagate-mask: Window Attributes
window-equal: Window Attributes
window-event-mask: Window Attributes
window-gravity: Window Attributes
window-id: Window Attributes
window-map-state: Window Attributes
window-override-redirect: Window Attributes
window-p: Window Attributes
window-plist: Window Attributes
window-save-under: Window Attributes
window-visual: Window Attributes
window-visual-info: Undocumented
with-display: Display Attributes
with-event-queue: Managing the Event Queue
with-gcontext: Graphics Context Cache
with-server-grabbed: Grabbing the Server
with-state: Window Attributes
withdraw-window: Undocumented
wm-client-machine: Undocumented
wm-colormap-windows: Undocumented
wm-command: Undocumented
wm-hints: Undocumented
wm-hints-flags: Undocumented
wm-icon-name: Undocumented
wm-name: Undocumented
wm-normal-hints: Undocumented
wm-protocols: Undocumented
wm-resources: Undocumented
wm-zoom-hints: Undocumented
write-bitmap-file: Image Files
write-resources: Resource Database Files

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