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18 Undocumented

This section just lists all symbols exported from the XLIB package but not documented in this manual.

Function: character-in-map-p display character keymap

A display.

Function: decode-core-error display event &optional arg
Function: default-error-handler display error-key &rest key-vals &key asynchronous &allow-other-keys
Function: default-keysym-index display keycode state
Function: default-keysym-translate display state object
Function: define-keysym object keysym &key lowercase translate modifiers mask display
Function: define-keysym-set set first-keysym last-keysym
Function: display-invoke-after-function display

Explicitly invokes the after-function of the display. (see display-after-function). This function is internally called after every request.

Function: event-handler handlers event-key
Function: get-external-event-code display event
Function: get-standard-colormap window property
Function: get-wm-class window
Function: icon-sizes window
Function: iconify-window window screen
Function: keysym->keycodes display keysym
Function: keysym-in-map-p display keysym keymap
Function: keysym-set keysym
Function: mapping-notify display request start count

Called on a :mapping-notify event to update the keyboard-mapping cache in display.

Function: no-operation display
Function: parse-color colormap spec
Function: resource-database-timestamp database
Function: resource-key stringable
Function: rgb-colormaps window property
Function: root-resources screen &key database key test test-not

Returns a resource database containing the contents of the root window RESOURCE_MANAGER property for the given screen. If screen is a display, then its default screen is used. If an existing database is given, then resource values are merged with the database and the modified database is returned.

test and test-not are predicates for selecting which resources are read. Arguments are a resource name list and a resource value. The key function, if given, is called to convert a resource value string to the value given to test or test-not.

Function: rotate-cut-buffers display &optional (delta 1) (careful-p t)
Function: set-access-control display enabled-p
Function: set-close-down-mode display mode
Function: set-pointer-mapping display map
Function: set-selection-owner display selection owner &optional time
Function: set-standard-colormap window property colormap base-pixel max-color mult-color
Function: set-standard-properties window &rest options
Function: set-wm-class window resource-name resource-class
Function: set-wm-properties window &rest options &key name icon-name resource-name resource-class command client-machine hints normal-hints zoom-hints (user-specified-position-p nil usppp) (user-specified-size-p nil usspp) (program-specified-position-p nil psppp) (program-specified-size-p nil psspp) x y width height min-width min-height max-width max-height width-inc height-inc min-aspect max-aspect base-width base-height win-gravity input initial-state icon-pixmap icon-window icon-x icon-y icon-mask window-group
Function: set-wm-resources database window &key write test test-not
Function: transient-for window
Function: translate-default src src-start src-end font dst dst-start
Function: undefine-keysym object keysym &key display modifiers &allow-other-keys
Function: visual-info-blue-mask object
Function: visual-info-green-mask object
Function: visual-info-red-mask object
Function: window-cursor window
Function: window-visual-info window
Function: withdraw-window window screen
Function: wm-client-machine window
Function: wm-colormap-windows window
Function: wm-command window
Function: wm-hints window
Function: wm-hints-flags object
Function: wm-icon-name window
Function: wm-name window
Function: wm-normal-hints window
Function: wm-protocols window
Function: wm-resources database window &key key test test-not
Function: wm-zoom-hints window

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