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10.3.2 Installing Colormaps

The following paragraphs describe the CLX functions to install and uninstall colormaps and to return the set of installed colormaps.

Initially, the default colormap for a screen is installed (but is not in the required list).

Function: install-colormap colormap

A colormap.

Installs the colormap. All windows associated with this colormap immediately display with true colors. As a side-effect, additional colormaps might be implicitly uninstalled by the server.

If the specified colormap is not already installed, a :colormap-notify event is generated on every window associated with this colormap. In addition, for every other colormap that is implicitly uninstalled, a :colormap-notify event is generated on every associated window.

Function: installed-colormaps window &key (:result-type 'list)

A window.


A sub-type of sequence that indicates the type of sequence to return.

Returns a sequence containing the installed colormaps for the screen of the specified window. The order of the colormaps is not significant.


Type sequence of colormap.

Function: uninstall-colormap colormap

A colormap.

Uninstalls the colormap. However, the colormap is not actually uninstalled if this would reduce the set of installed colormaps below the value of screen-min-installed-maps. If the colormap is actually uninstalled, a :colormap-notify event is generated on every associated window.